NTNU is a broad-based university with a technical-scientific profile and a focus in professional education. The university is located in three cities with headquarters in Trondheim.

At NTNU, 9,000 employees and 42,000 students work to create knowledge for a better world. At the Faculty of Medicine and Health MH, research is centered around the three axes, basic research, translational medicine, and applied medicine. Researchers benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising 15 specialist labs or core facilities run by dedicated and highly trained staff.

INCITE is housed at the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine, while also involving researchers in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

The Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine has a broad range of research activities within medical field that includes population-based studies of human diseases, immunology and mechanisms of infection and basic, clinical cancer research. Researchers and students at the department benefit from 6 research units and 4 core facilities.  The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has broad interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of machine design, product development, materials science and risk and reliability of complex systems.

People – staff at NTNU involved within INCITE

Mark William Kharas

Øyvind Halaas, Coordinator of INCITE, is Professor in Medicine (nanomedicine) at the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine and the leader of the Biomedical Microsystems research group. He has wide expertise across microfabrication and tissue engineering, as well as in molecular-, cell-, and animal immunology. His research group is mainly focused on engineering partial functions of the immune system in order to better approach of basic immunology and a variety of immunotherapeutic applications.

Jan Torgersen is Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MTP and is director of the Micro- and Nanoscale Design Laboratory. He is a holder of an ERC starting grant ELECTRODE- (ERC StG) and has wide experience in fabrication, materials and modeling in the field of additive manufacturing.

Mark Kharas, INCITE Project Manager, has administered several EU-funded as well as Research Council of Norway funded research projects. In addition to project administration he advises NTNU researchers on applying for EU funding.